nmap fun

Using Nmap (Network Mapper) is a powerful way to discover and analyze network devices and services. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Nmap: 1. Installation: 2. Basic Scanning: 3. Scan Types: 4. Scan Specific Ports: 5. Save Results: 6. Aggressive Scanning: 7. OS Detection: 8. Scripting Engine: 9. Timing and Performance: 10. Verbose

fun with LXD

LXD (Linux Container Daemon) is a higher-level container management system built on top of LXC. It provides a more user-friendly and feature-rich interface for managing containers. Here’s a detailed tutorial on using LXD: Note: As with LXC, this tutorial assumes you are using a Linux-based system. Step 1: Install LXD First, you need to install

Iptables hacks

Title: A Beginner’s Guide to Using iptables for Firewall Management In the world of server administration and network security, iptables stands as a formidable tool for managing firewall rules on Linux-based systems. This guide will introduce you to the basics of using iptables to secure your server and control network traffic effectively. What is iptables?

How to use fail2ban

Title: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Fail2ban for Enhanced Server Security In an era where online security is paramount, safeguarding your server from potential threats is a top priority. One powerful tool that can help you in this endeavor is Fail2ban. Fail2ban is an open-source intrusion prevention framework that monitors server logs and takes action