Secret Hidden Menu Hack and Tethering LG Octane On Linux

LG Octane Secret Menu

There are some pretty cool hidden menu options available on Verizon Wireless LG model cellphone? Using these menu options one can unlock the secret GPS system and MP3 sections on any LG phone.

Warning: this may severely damage your phone if you change certain settings!

Open your phone so that the main screen is displayed.
press ##program530,  ##7764726530 then send and a screen should pop up with the words “SERVICE CODE” at the top followed by six question marks
Enter all zeroes  and you should be taken to a menu that reads “Services” with the following under

the password is all zero’s

* Changing values that you don’t have knowledge about in the service menu may damage your phone.
* The functionality of the Hidden GPS system varies from phone.


Using your LG Octane as a Modem on Linux

Click on the System Menu under preferences click on Network Connections

Click on the Mobile Broadband tab

Click the “Add” button

You should see LG CDMA USB Modem

if you don’t see it make sure you select modem mode on your phone

Otherwise click Foward

Select your country and click foward

The next screen ask you to pick your provider select Verizon and hit foward. Finally hit apply

Now under Mobile Broadband you should see your new connection. select it and click the Edit button.

Under Mobile Broadband make sure #777 is set as number

username and password blank

under PPP Settings uncheck Use point-to-point encrytion (MPPE)

follow these settings

ppp settings for lg

Finally Click on the “Configure Methods” button

and follow these settings


Hit Ok and Finally Apply.

Now left click on the Network Manager applet and connect to your new connection.

Have fun