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I am a linux advocate, I also believe in freedom in all it’s aspects. Call me old fashion but I still believe “small code” and minimal resources is the way to go. That’s why most of the apps I run have a CLI.
Here are some of my favorite CLI apps.

Pandora – Command Line Alternative


If you’re a command line geek and/or want to keep the strain on your system as low as possible, then Pianobar is an awesome alternative. There are packages available for a number of different distros. The program itself is simple: Open a  terminal, log in to your account, and select the station you want to listen to. You can even ban a song, create a new station, view song history, and everything else you can do in Pandora right from the Terminal. Also there’s no annoying commercial every 3 songs.


receiving your station

Select Station

Hit ? for the menu

+    love current song
–    ban current song
a    add music to current station
c    create new station
d    delete current station
e    explain why this song is played
g    add genre station
h    song history
i    print information about current song/station
j    add shared station
m    move song to different station
n    next song
p    pause/continue
q    quit
r    rename current station
s    change station
t    tired (ban song for 1 month)
u    upcoming songs
x    select quickmix stations
b    bookmark song/artist

cvlc: Console VLC Player

Use ‘cvlc’ to use vlc without interface. This is useful for command line playing or ripping using shell scripts. This will save lots of time.

cvlc '/path/to/my.mp3'

MOC – music on console


TTYtter for Perl


Noooo, not another Twitter client! Yes, another Twitter client. The difference here is that you’re dealing with a multi-functional, fully 100% text, Perl command line client.

% ./ttytter
trying to find cURL ... /usr/bin/curl
-- no version check performed (use -vcheck to check on startup)
(checking credentials) test-login SUCCEEDED!
-- processing credentials: logged in as screwtape
-- checking for most recent direct messages:
[DM da0][cbqueue/Fri Sep 28 02:01:33 +0000 2007] test test
[DM da1][ttytter/Fri Sep 28 03:01:51 +0000 2007] don't forget to update the website
-- notification: API rate limit is currently 350 req/hr
-- no version check performed (use -vcheck to check on startup)
-- you are logged in as screwtape

You use the -status=... option to post a single tweet, which is more efficient (and can be made bulletproof using the -hold option):

% ./ttytter -status="Writing a letter to my nephew."

There are tons of alternative apps for the CLI

Here are some more

. Word Processor LaTeX(vim-latexsuite), MS Word 5.5/WP 6.1 (With DOS Emuator) (in DOSemu)
. Spreadsheet oleo, sc, slsc, teapot
. Presentation tpp
. PDF Viewer fbgs
. .xls Viewer [see File Converters]
. .doc Viewer abiword, antiword
. .docx Viewer [See File Converters]
. .abw Viewer Abiword
. Desktop Publishing LaTeX (vim-latexsuite)
. Dictionary Dict, edict
. Thesarus
. Spell Checker espell, ispell, aspell
. Grammer Checker grac
. PDF Creator [see Document converters]
. Fonts figlet
. —Graphics—
. Drawing Imagemagick
. Animation ImageMagick (animate)
. Image Viewer fbi
. Image Editor ImageMagick (convert)
. Photo Manager *Create database linked to photo, [script] locate *.jpg | grep <name associated with picture>
. 3D Modelling/Designing aqsis, freyja, fyre, misfit modeling 3d,
. 3D rendering opengl
. Scanning sane
. —Internet—
. Email Client alpine, mutt, pine
. Internet Browser elinks, links, links2, lynx, netrik, w3m, wget
. Podcatcher bashpodder, podracer
. RSS Feeder canto, raggle, tin, newbeuter, rawdog, snownews
. Remote Connection ssh
. Blogging Bash Blogger, chronicle
. Flickr wget [URL] (Download only)
. Youtube youtube-dl
. Twitter twitter script, ttytter
. Bittorrent rtorrent
. P2P amulecmd
. Networking ifconfig, netcat, netstat
. Wireless iwlist, iwconfig
. Network Sharing/Browsing samba, nfs
. Wikipedia [script] (download only)
. FTP Client ftp, lftp, ncftp
. File Transfer scp
. Instant Messaging centericq, finch, naim
. VOIP/SIP Phone asterisk
. IRC Client irssi, weechat
. Remote Conferencing ssh with VOIP
. Fax hylafax
. Downloading ncftpget, wget,YouGrabber
. Uploading [see FTP clients]
. —Organization—
. Calendar calcurse, gcalcli (google calendar), remind, when, wyrd (curses for remind)
. To-do List beeswax, ikog,, tofu
. Address Book contact script, abook
. Note Taking hnb, vim-outliner
. Project Management hnb, vim-outliner
. Flow Chart text::flowchart
. Scheduling sked
. —Multimedia—
. Video Player gmplayer, mplayer, vlc, xine
. Video Editing ffmpeg
. CD Player cdcd, cplay
. Music Player cmus, mp3blaster, mpg123, ogg123,
. Sound Editor sox
. Flash Player mplayer
. Audio Streaming vlc, mplayer, pyradio, realplay
. Music Manager moc, cmus
. ipod gnupod
. TV Application mplayer, vlc
. Video Streaming mplayer, vlc
. Webcam hasciicam
. DVD Player mplayer, vlc
. CD Ripping cdparanoia, ripit
. –File Converters—
. Convert Text to .doc/.odt docutils (odtwriter)
. Convert .odt to .txt odtwriter
. Convert .odt to .pdf pyodconverter
. Convert .xls to .html xlhtml
. Convert .xls to other catdoc (xls2cvs), gnumeric (ssconvert)
. HTML to .txt html2text
. Convert .docx to .txt docx2txt
. Any Convertion openoffice.org3 -invisible macro:///
. *macro path/name
. —Games—
. Shooter slashem, crawl
. Puzzle BSD-games, greed
. Arcade moon-buggy
. RPG nethack, digitalis
. —Development—
. HTML Editor see Text Editors
. Text Editor ed, emacs, jed, moe, nano, pico, pie, vi, vim, zile
. Database mySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
. Ada
. *Compilers gnat
. Debugger
. C++
. *Compilers c++, cc, g++, g++4, pathcc, pgcc
. *Debugger lint, splint
. C#
. *Compilers cscc, gmcs, mcs,
. *Debugger jlint
. C
. *Compilers gcc
. *Debugger lint, splint
. Fortran
. *Compilers g77, pgf77
. *Debugger ftnchek
. Java
. *Compilers gcj, javac
. *Debugger jlint
. Pascal
. *Compilers gpc, fdb
. *Debugger
. Python python
. Ruby ruby
. Bug Reporting gdb
. Version Tracking bzr, CVS, git, subversion
. —Utilities—
. Emulators vboxheadless, dosemu, UML
. Antivirus ClamAV
. Compression 7za, bzip, bzip2, gzip, lz, tar, unrar, zip
. Bluetooth connectivity bluez-utils (sdltool), btscanner
. Palm/Handheld Syncing palm-link
. CD/DVD Burner bashburn, cdrecord, mybashburn
. Window Manager screen, dvtm, twin
. System Monitoring htop, top
. System Scheduling cron, shush
. Desktop Customization [edit config files]
. Encryption crypt, gnupg, pgp, truecrypt
. Authenication gnupg
. File Search doodle, find, locate, slocate
. Screen Saver/Desktop Apps asciiquarium, cmatrix, clockywocky
. Mouse gpm
. Screen Capture script, scrot
. Password Keeper vim with password
. File Manager mc,vifm
. Power Manager apmd
. Shells ash, bash, csh, ksh, pdksh, sh, tcsh, zsh
. Weather weather
. Text Manipulation awk, sed
. Disk / Folder Usage df, du, ncdu,
. Misc fsniper (monitor dirs), moreutils, par, detox (clean up filenames)
. —Administration—
. Printing cups, lpd, lprng
. Backup and Archieving jar, rdist, rdup, rsync, tar, zip, zoo
. Partition Formatting fdisk, cdisk, parted
. Package Management apt-get, aptitude, urpmi, yum, zypper
. Firewalls iptables, ufw
. Service Management sysv-rc-conf
. Network Administration ifconfig, iwconfig
. —Educational—
. Statistics r
. Mathematcal num-util
. Typing Tutor gtypist
. —Hobby/Speciality—
. Accounting chkbk, ledger, SQL Ledger
. Geneology/Family History lifeline
. Calculator bc, mathomatic, wcalc
. Accessibility
. *Speech-to-Text espeak
. Ham Radio dxcc
. Cell Phone Backup [see bluetooth]
. GIS grass
. Investment Tracking quote
. Religious/Bible Reader verse, bible-kjv
. Recipes [see Text Editors or Note Taking]
. —Business Speciality—
. Inventory Tracking custom database


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