Facebook Profile Picture Hack Tutorial In Linux With GIMP

There are a lot of changes in Facebook lately, small and large which you can read about in great detail at TechCrunch.

Here are a few:

  • A stream of your recent tagged photos appears at the top of the screen, and there are more pictures of your friends on the page. This is because the main problem with Facebook is that there weren’t enough opportunities to see pictures of people.
  • Now there’s a field on your page called “philosophy,” which folds in your religious, political views and favorite quote. Plus a brand new field: “People Who Inspire You.” (If you put Mark Zuckerberg you should be able to get access to a special Super Facebook.)
  • All your vital stats are squished up under your name in a list now. It actually looks pretty good, like you’re a character in a Role Playing Game or something!
  • There is also a field for sports, if you can somehow fit physical activity in between checking your Facebook profile
  • Tabs bring up different sections of your profile. Tabs: So hot right now.

I’m going to show you how to create the “Famous New Profile Hack” using GIMP

Let’s begin

Start by picking the picture you would like to use.

Take a screen-shot of your Facebook profile

open your new profile screen-shot inside of GIMP

Paste the first picture you chose to use in step one as a new layer

Now grab the GIMP side ruler and drag two guide 200 width and 600 height

now grab the select tool and copy in between the new guides

and select Edit-> Paste as new image.

save that new image as profile.jpg

now create a guide for each small picture in the profile

zoom in if you have to.

I decreased the opacity of the original picture just to see if it will align properly

Now with the select tool grab the first box


and paste it as new image

copy each box and paste as new image for the rest of the boxes.

Now we should have 5 small pictures and the long profile picture

Go to Facebook, Create a album and make sure “EVERYONE” is selected

Upload the picture labeled profile.jpg and make this your profile picture

We are almost done

now start tagging your photos

start from last to first

Select the last pic and tag as yourself

hit previous and tag the next one and so forth

You are done. Wasn’t that easy


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