5 Linux Commands: timeout, cpulimit,awk,tar and youtube-dl

I know how much you love random linux commands so here I’ve compiled some cool random linux commands to copy, convert, limit,kill and redirect things.

Start COMMAND, and kill it if still running after 5 seconds

timeout 5s COMMAND

Convert Youtube videos to MP3

youtube-dl -t --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 YOUTUBE_URL_HERE
youtube-dl has this functionality built in. If you’re running an older version of youtube-dl, you can update it using `youtube-dl -U` (although if you have an older version, it probably doesn’t download youtube videos anyway.)

youtube-dl –help will show you other options that may come in useful.

Limit the cpu usage of a process

sudo cpulimit -p pid -l 50
This will limit the average amount of CPU it consumes.

Target a specific column for pattern substitution

awk '{gsub("foo","bar",$5)}1' file
Awk replaces every instance of foo with bar in the 5th column only.

Redirect tar extract to another directory

tar xfz filename.tar.gz -C PathToDirectory
The command extracting the tar contents into particular directory …

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