Webmasters Block These IP Addresses

These Spam Referrers have been very diligent to show us their websites so I will show you their IP’s

But first let me show you a few ways of blocking IP’s

Block with null routes
once you reboot the routes will be gone so this is only a temp fix
route add IP-ADDRESS gw lo

You can also use reject target
route add -host IP-ADDRESS reject

But you might want to do something more permanent like using IPTABLES
iptables -A INPUT -s IP-ADDRESS -j DROP

To keep my server light I did not include IPTABLES in the kernel so I wrote a script to make my life easier

for i in `cat spamlist.txt`
count=`expr $count + 1`
echo “Line $count is being displayed”
route add $i gw
echo $i
echo counting
echo “End of file”
echo done

Just add the IP Addresses below to a file called spamlist.txt
give the script execute permission

chmod +x scriptfilename.sh

and BAM!

So without further or due I give you a great list of spammers
you asked for it spammers

there might be a couple of duplicates but its ok

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