The Best Way To Download Everything

I’m going to show you my favorite way to download anything from movies, mp3s to TV shows.

Install Video DownloadHelper For Firefox

Install aria2

user@genesis:~# sudo apt-get install aria2

Find streaming video via YouTube or your favorite video streaming website one of my favorite websites to download from is

check out their sister sites too.

Once the video is loaded:

->Hit play to begin the movie stream

once the movie buffers

->right click an empty spot on your browser

->select DownloadHelper

->Select Media

highlight the file name of the video

->click copy url

Fire up your terminal and type “aria2c -s 16” and paste your new link
the -s 16 switch splits the connection and downloads a file using 16 connections.

aria2c -s 16

I made an alias so my wife doesn’t have to type aria2c -s 16 every time she wants to download a movie

 alias go='aria2c -s 16'

$ go

This technique can be applied to most movie and music streaming web services like youtube, megavideo and divxstage.