Free Linux Shells

A shell account is a personal account that gives a user access to a Unix/Linux shell on a remote server, usually accessed through SSH (and historically telnet).

UrFix is offering free linux shells, visit

Our goal is to help people who wants to work in a shell, like programming, learning linux, who haven’t got much money for rent a shell box.

Urfix offers its subscribers a free Linux(ubuntu Distro) Shell account. Unlike other free shells out there we do not give out crippled accounts that practically do nothing.

With Free Linux shell you get:

* ftp
* ssh
* telnet
* nslookup
* irc
* irc bot and eggdrop
* background processes
* and more….

Get your own full featured Linux shell now. With our shells, You can use an SSH tunnel to proxy your connection. So you will be able to:

  • Mask your IP Address with ours to surf anonymously
  • Bypass school or work firewall restrictions like “blocked myspace or facebook”
  • Surf at school or work anonymously “hide what you are doing from “admin”
  • Download from Rapidshare more than once per hour

and the best thing about it all is that its FREE!

Free shells @


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