No Gui Required

I am a linux advocate, I also believe in freedom in all it’s aspects. Call me old fashion but I still believe “small code” and minimal resources is the way to go. That’s why most of the apps I run have a CLI.
Here are some of my favorite CLI apps.

Pandora – Command Line Alternative


If you’re a command line geek and/or want to keep the strain on your system as low as possible, then Pianobar is an awesome alternative. There are packages available for a number of different distros. The program itself is simple: Open a  terminal, log in to your account, and select the station you want to listen to. You can even ban a song, create a new station, view song history, and everything else you can do in Pandora right from the Terminal. Also there’s no annoying commercial every 3 songs.


receiving your station

Select Station

Hit ? for the menu

+    love current song
–    ban current song
a    add music to current station
c    create new station
d    delete current station
e    explain why this song is played
g    add genre station
h    song history
i    print information about current song/station
j    add shared station
m    move song to different station
n    next song
p    pause/continue
q    quit
r    rename current station
s    change station
t    tired (ban song for 1 month)
u    upcoming songs
x    select quickmix stations
b    bookmark song/artist

cvlc: Console VLC Player

Use ‘cvlc’ to use vlc without interface. This is useful for command line playing or ripping using shell scripts. This will save lots of time.

cvlc '/path/to/my.mp3'

MOC – music on console


TTYtter for Perl


Noooo, not another Twitter client! Yes, another Twitter client. The difference here is that you’re dealing with a multi-functional, fully 100% text, Perl command line client.

% ./ttytter
trying to find cURL ... /usr/bin/curl
-- no version check performed (use -vcheck to check on startup)
(checking credentials) test-login SUCCEEDED!
-- processing credentials: logged in as screwtape
-- checking for most recent direct messages:
[DM da0][cbqueue/Fri Sep 28 02:01:33 +0000 2007] test test
[DM da1][ttytter/Fri Sep 28 03:01:51 +0000 2007] don't forget to update the website
-- notification: API rate limit is currently 350 req/hr
-- no version check performed (use -vcheck to check on startup)
-- you are logged in as screwtape

You use the -status=... option to post a single tweet, which is more efficient (and can be made bulletproof using the -hold option):

% ./ttytter -status="Writing a letter to my nephew."

There are tons of alternative apps for the CLI

Here are some more

.Word ProcessorLaTeX(vim-latexsuite), MS Word 5.5/WP 6.1 (With DOS Emuator)(in DOSemu)
.Spreadsheetoleo, sc, slsc, teapot
.PDF Viewerfbgs
..xls Viewer[see File Converters]
..doc Viewerabiword, antiword
..docx Viewer[See File Converters]
..abw ViewerAbiword
.Desktop PublishingLaTeX (vim-latexsuite)
.DictionaryDict, edict
.Spell Checkerespell, ispell, aspell
.Grammer Checkergrac
.PDF Creator[see Document converters]
.AnimationImageMagick (animate)
.Image Viewerfbi
.Image EditorImageMagick (convert)
.Photo Manager*Create database linked to photo, [script] locate *.jpg | grep <name associated with picture>
.3D Modelling/Designingaqsis, freyja, fyre, misfit modeling 3d,
.3D renderingopengl
.Email Clientalpine, mutt, pine
.Internet Browserelinks, links, links2, lynx, netrik, w3m, wget
.Podcatcherbashpodder, podracer
.RSS Feedercanto, raggle, tin, newbeuter, rawdog, snownews
.Remote Connectionssh
.BloggingBash Blogger, chronicle
.Flickrwget [URL] (Download only)
.Twittertwitter script, ttytter
.Networkingifconfig, netcat, netstat
.Wirelessiwlist, iwconfig
.Network Sharing/Browsingsamba, nfs
.Wikipedia[script] (download only)
.FTP Clientftp, lftp, ncftp
.File Transferscp
.Instant Messagingcentericq, finch, naim
.VOIP/SIP Phoneasterisk
.IRC Clientirssi, weechat
.Remote Conferencingssh with VOIP
.Downloadingncftpget, wget,YouGrabber
.Uploading[see FTP clients]
.Calendarcalcurse, gcalcli (google calendar), remind, when, wyrd (curses for remind)
.To-do Listbeeswax, ikog,, tofu
.Address Bookcontact script, abook
.Note Takinghnb, vim-outliner
.Project Managementhnb, vim-outliner
.Flow Charttext::flowchart
.Video Playergmplayer, mplayer, vlc, xine
.Video Editingffmpeg
.CD Playercdcd, cplay
.Music Playercmus, mp3blaster, mpg123, ogg123,
.Sound Editorsox
.Flash Playermplayer
.Audio Streamingvlc, mplayer, pyradio, realplay
.Music Managermoc, cmus
.TV Applicationmplayer, vlc
.Video Streamingmplayer, vlc
.DVD Playermplayer, vlc
.CD Rippingcdparanoia, ripit
.–File Converters—
.Convert Text to .doc/.odtdocutils (odtwriter)
.Convert .odt to .txtodtwriter
.Convert .odt to .pdfpyodconverter
.Convert .xls to .htmlxlhtml
.Convert .xls to othercatdoc (xls2cvs), gnumeric (ssconvert)
.HTML to .txthtml2text
.Convert .docx to .txtdocx2txt
.Any Convertionopenoffice.org3 -invisible macro:///
.*macro path/name
.Shooterslashem, crawl
.PuzzleBSD-games, greed
.RPGnethack, digitalis
.HTML Editorsee Text Editors
.Text Editored, emacs, jed, moe, nano, pico, pie, vi, vim, zile
.DatabasemySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
.*Compilersc++, cc, g++, g++4, pathcc, pgcc
.*Debuggerlint, splint
.*Compilerscscc, gmcs, mcs,
.*Debuggerlint, splint
.*Compilersg77, pgf77
.*Compilersgcj, javac
.*Compilersgpc, fdb
.Bug Reportinggdb
.Version Trackingbzr, CVS, git, subversion
.Emulatorsvboxheadless, dosemu, UML
.Compression7za, bzip, bzip2, gzip, lz, tar, unrar, zip
.Bluetooth connectivitybluez-utils (sdltool), btscanner
.Palm/Handheld Syncingpalm-link
.CD/DVD Burnerbashburn, cdrecord, mybashburn
.Window Managerscreen, dvtm, twin
.System Monitoringhtop, top
.System Schedulingcron, shush
.Desktop Customization[edit config files]
.Encryptioncrypt, gnupg, pgp, truecrypt
.File Searchdoodle, find, locate, slocate
.Screen Saver/Desktop Appsasciiquarium, cmatrix, clockywocky
.Screen Capturescript, scrot
.Password Keepervim with password
.File Managermc,vifm
.Power Managerapmd
.Shellsash, bash, csh, ksh, pdksh, sh, tcsh, zsh
.Text Manipulationawk, sed
.Disk / Folder Usagedf, du, ncdu,
.Miscfsniper (monitor dirs), moreutils, par, detox (clean up filenames)
.Printingcups, lpd, lprng
.Backup and Archievingjar, rdist, rdup, rsync, tar, zip, zoo
.Partition Formattingfdisk, cdisk, parted
.Package Managementapt-get, aptitude, urpmi, yum, zypper
.Firewallsiptables, ufw
.Service Managementsysv-rc-conf
.Network Administrationifconfig, iwconfig
.Typing Tutorgtypist
.Accountingchkbk, ledger, SQL Ledger
.Geneology/Family Historylifeline
.Calculatorbc, mathomatic, wcalc
.Ham Radiodxcc
.Cell Phone Backup[see bluetooth]
.Investment Trackingquote
.Religious/Bible Readerverse, bible-kjv
.Recipes[see Text Editors or Note Taking]
.—Business Speciality—
.Inventory Trackingcustom database